Bir Zamanlar Isparta


Nuri Erçetin compiled historical, social, and economical facts, figures, articles, photographs, drawings, and information with facsimiles of the various original documents in this book.
Primarily based on the "Isparta Tarihi" by Böcüzade Sami Efendi, and "Ün Magazine", the bibliography of Nuri Erçetin in the book covers more than a hundred of Turkish, English and Greek books and articles.
Some topics of the book include: Notes from historical Books of Travels, Quarters of Isparta in the history, Development of trade and industry in Isparta, and Information about the Greeks and Armenians who lived in Isparta, etc.
Nuri Erçetin book Bir Zamanlar Isparta

published by Erçetin Rose Oil Inc.

Zavallı Delikanlı, Teodoros Akıllıoğlu, Nuri Erçetin

published by Erçetin Rose Oil Inc.

Zavallı Delikanlı

translated by A.NURİ ERÇETİN

The original book; "Zevallı Delikanlı Yahot Gaddar Pederin Müşfik Zevcesi" is a drama in seven acts and a scene written by Teodoros Akıllıoğlu (Adalya’da Ispartalı).
Akıllıoğlu, an Isparta townsman living in Antalya, endowed Antalya Greek schools and Muslim schools with 20 percent of the total revenue of the book / play, equally divided.
The book was first translated to Turkish by Nureddin Efendi, Director of the Imperial Theater, and was published by Tupois Asias in 1910.
Due to the author’s historical relation with Isparta, Nuri Erçetin re-translated the book and it was published by Ercetin Inc. in 2015.