"SINCE 1958"

About Erçetin Rose Oil Inc.

In 1958 Ekrem Erçetin set up his rose oil distillery in Isparta and started distilling with a single unit.
While only a small amount (a few kgs) of rose oil was distilled in the early days; the production increased up to 200 kgs in 1974, making Erçetin one of the major suppliers of Europe, U.S.A. and the Middle East.
Erçetin Gül Yağı A.Ş. (Erçetin Rose Oil Inc.) was founded in 1983. Production departments of rose concrete, and rose absolute; the first in Isparta, were started during the reinvestment period in 1985.
Quality management, quality improvement and research & development stages, procedures and protocols were planned and implemented in 1987. Scientific methods and high technology such as gas chromatography analysis are applied since then.
Ekrem Erçetin Isparta 1964

An afternoon in front of the first "kazan" of Erçetin distillery.

Erçetin Rose Oil IFF cooperation

An exclusive partnership formed in 2007


IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) and Erçetin Rose Oil Inc. partnership formed in 2007, delivered the first oil in 2008. Erçetin Rose Oil Inc. is IFF’s exclusive partner since then.
This partnership is conducting research and development at all fields for sustainable better quality and higher yields.
Completed research phases include evaluation of the genetics and the metabolism of the rose to better understand what would deliver better oil quality.
Eco-friendly farming at new rose fields with contractual farmer system is another innovative step of the partnership.

Traditional and modern processing

Erçetin Rose Oil is processing rose through the traditional route of steam distillation and solvent extraction (which is later turned into rose absolute).
Production facility has a capacity to process 200 tons of petals daily.
Erçetin Rose Oil Isparta Turkey