"SINCE 1958"

About Erçetin Rose Oil Inc.

In 1958 Ekrem Erçetin set up his rose oil distillery in Isparta and started distilling with a single unit.
While only a small amount (a few kgs) of rose oil was distilled in the early days; the production increased up to 200 kgs in 1974, making Erçetin one of the major suppliers of Europe, U.S.A. and the Middle East.
Erçetin Gül Yağı A.Ş. (Erçetin Rose Oil Inc.) was founded in 1983. Production departments of rose concrete, and rose absolute; the first in Isparta, were started during the reinvestment period in 1985.
Quality management, quality improvement and research & development stages, procedures and protocols were planned and implemented in 1987. Scientific methods and high technology such as gas chromatography analysis are applied since then.
Ekrem Erçetin Isparta 1964

Ekrem & Nuri Erçetin in front of the first "kazan" of Erçetin distillery (1964).

Traditional and modern processing

Erçetin Rose Oil is processing rose through the traditional route of steam distillation and solvent extraction (which is later turned into rose absolute).
Production facility has a capacity to process 200 tons of petals daily.
Erçetin Rose Oil Isparta Turkey


Erçetin Rose Oil Inc. sure has come a long way from a single-unit distillery to a company collaborating on ceaseless innovation as well as sustainable, fair production programs with global partners of the fragrance, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Erçetin Rose vintage facility 1974
Erçetin Rose rose concrete facility
Erçetin Rose rose absolute facility
Erçetin Rose Oil gas chromatograph hp-5890 series ii
Erçetin Rose capacity 1992
Erçetin Rose Oil cohobation unit 1997
Erçetin Rose Oil Inc. is an exclusive partner of IFF

An exclusive partnership heading towards the second decade

Erçetin Rose Oil Very Irrésistible Givenchy Rose Damascena 2010
Erçetin Rose Oil fishnet bag 2011
Erçetin Rose Oil organik gül organic rose IFF 2012
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Ercetin Rose Oil For Life certification
Ercetin Rose Oil publications Zavallı Delikanlı
Erçetin Rose Oil gül konkret rose concrete
Erçetin Rose Oil 60th anniversary Domitille Bertier
Erçetin Rose Oil crop productivity and harvesting tests
Erçetin L'Oreal PUR project
Erçetin juniper and olibanum oil
Erçetin Rose Oil flash chromatograph
Erçetin rose water powder and colorless absolute
Erçetin Rose Oil pilot ekstraksiyon pilot extraction
Erçetin Rose Oil short path distillation
Erçetin Rose Oil Unopex spray dryer