Rose Cologne

Scent of Isparta

Top notes remind the smell of the mountain during spring with a composition of floral and green notes.
Mid notes include citrus reminding the Mediterranean which accompanies violet and rose nuances blended by fruity scents.
Base note is a composition of wild flowers, earthy, woody and sweet smells evoking the magnificence of Mount Davras.

SİDRE (Women):
Top notes are designed with floral, green, fruity and wild scents.
Mid notes: A grape scent characterising the nature of the Sidre hill along with a floral bouquet and rose.
Base note expresses the mystic beauty of the hill by gathering clove, amber, wood, misk, smokey and sweet smells.

NİSADA (Women):
The top note of Nisada reflects the character of the island with a floral, green and fruity composition.
Mid notes: The spring chill covering the island is portrayed with rose, spice, marine and fresh floral smells.
Base note: Woody, sweetness of wild flowers and the breeze of the surrounding hills, in harmony.

Top note carries the flora and fresh smell of wild flowers.
Mid notes: Fruity and rose smell combined with lavender.
Base note is a bouquet of woody, earthy and violet smells.

ANDIK (Men):
Top note gives refreshness with floral and lavender scents.
Mid note: Smell of the breeze over prairies in spring, joined with rose.
Base note: A harmonious combination of wood, earth and misk.