In 1958 Ekrem Erçetin began producing rose oil with a single distillation unit installed at his factory in the city.

The initial quantity was only a few kilograms. Subsequently the production reached 200 kg. of rose oil  in 1974. Thus, Erçetin became one of the major suppliers of Europe, U.S.A. and Middle East. In 1983 Erçetin Gül Yağı A.Ş. (Erçetin Rose Oil Inc.) was established.  Rose concrete and the first rose absolute production units of Isparta were installed during the period of new investments in 1985.  First steps to improve quality control and R&D were also taken in 1987 at the same time a gas chromotography device was utilised at the factory for the first time in Isparta.

Strengthened by the  partnership established with IFF since 2008,investments and R&D studies keep on improving continuously.

Developing an original business model in accordance with local farmers for laying out new rose gardens in fertile areas and improving quality of petals with eco friendly techniques by minimizing usage of pesticides.

Marking the 55th  anniversary of  it’s foundation this year (2013),Erçetin keeps on growing  with a capacity of  200 tons of Rose Petal / day and perfume, fragrance production.